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Gear heads. You know who you are. If you are an outdoorsy person, you are probably a gear head, too. Being comfortable, safe and happy in the outdoors, especially when you are out for a long period of time, requires specialized gear that you must know how to use properly.

I am continually refining my outdoor gear collection to include better, lighter, more durable and (sometimes) more comfortable gear. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite pieces of gear below.


        An excellent all-around ultralight pack
        A rugged, do-everything pack that I use for search and rescue and multi-week trips

Climbing Gear

        The lightest climbing harness in the world
        The lightest quickdraws in the world
        The lighest screwgate keylock carabiner in the world


        An 850 lumen (think The Sun) flashlight for search that uses a super efficient CREE XM-L LED
        A 164 lumen single-AA-powered headlamp with a neutral flood LED

Avalanche Beacons

        A great website for technical information on avalanche beacons and search techniques.

There are also many online websites that offer great deals on outdoor gear.  Dirtbag Deals and SteepAndCheap.com are some of the best.