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Ski Patrol

I've recently become a member of the Bear Mountain Ski Patrol of Big Bear, CA.  An avid group of skiers and snowboarders with a non-urban form of EMT training, we are on the mountain as volunteers to keep everyone safe while they enjoy the snow.

I've been hoping to become part of ski patrol for many years now.  My experience skiing started when I was 12 years old with my mom at Badger Pass in Yosemite, CA.  I've skied every season since, and even snowboarded a few seasons (until I got tired of sitting in the snow).  Last year, I taught ski and snowboard lessons in San Diego, CA on a rolling carpet (Adventure Ski and Snowboard School), which got me slightly closer to the mountain.  But, I wanted more.  My life finally aligned with ski patrol this year: it is genuinely my crowning achievement in my skiing abilities.  There's nothing like hauling a 250 lbs snowboarder with a femur fracture going into shock down a black diamond run in a snow storm in a tobaggon towed behind you!  (An example of what I have trained for, not what's happened.....yet!)  It has also stimulated my interest in first aid, which is simply a blast in every way!  There is nothing like saving or improving someone's life during their most harrowing hour, and feeling confident you can do so in most situations.

If you are interested in becoming part of a ski patrol, contact your local mountain or the National Ski Patrol, of which my Bear Mountain Ski Patrol is a member.

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