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Sierra Club

I am currently a Level 1 guide for the Sierra Club, which means I run local hiking trips around San Diego.  The terrains my trips cover range from easy walks along the beach to tough 12 mile excursions through the deserts east of San Diego proper.  I am training to becoming a Level 2 guide, which will allow me to run multi-day backpacking trips.  I hope to have this training by March 2011.

All trips run by the Sierra Club do not required a membership: anyone is welcome!  So, if you like to hike and like to meet other like-minded people, take a look at the Sierra Club's local outing chapters, specifically my San Diego Chapter, and come out on a hike, bike, paddle, run, jog or walk!

As a guide, I am responsible for the safety of all of my trip participants.  To that end, I am a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR, pronounced wuh-fer).  My medical training allows me special skills and protocols specific to wilderness setting where advanced medical care may be hours or days away.  Fashioning backcountry backboards and splints from branches and t-shirts, epinephrine and other medications administration, wound management, and rapid trauma and medical assessments are just a few of things I'm competent in and prepared to do in the wilderness.  I received my WFR from Wilderness Medical Associates and have also studied NOLS' Wilderness Medicine Institute protocols as well.  I've also found that my Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) ski patrol training, which is geared a little more towards the frontcountry than my WFR, compliments my WFR nicely.

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