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I have been an avid rock climber for about a year and absolutely love to climb.  I originally started climbing because I wanted to get over my life-long fear of heights: when I started climbing, 15 feet up I'd start to get panicky and want to come down.  I've come a long way since then and am continuing to improve as a climber and become more comfortable on the rock.  I've also found rock climbing to be an excellent total body work out, regardless of the season, and a great way to meet awesome people.

Be sure to check out the San Diego rock climbing guide attached below!

Routes I've Climbed

 Location Route Rating Type Rock
 Joshua Tree National Park, CA
  Sport Lead
   TR Stem
   TR Stem/Crack
     Headstone  TR Face
 El Cajon Mountain, San Diego, CALeonids  5.9 Sport Lead/TR Face
 Mission Gorge, San Diego, CANob Job 5.8 TR Face
  Suzy's Wild Ride 5.9 TR Face
  Finger Rip 5.9 TR Face
  The Owl 5.8+ TR Hand Crack
  Easy Rider 5.7 TR Face
  Caradhras 5.9+ TR Crack
  Orange Sunshine 5.10c TR Face
  Dwarrowdelf 5.8 TR Crack

Good Rock Climbing Websites

Great Rock Climbing Locations

   A beautiful desert climbing area east of San Diego

   An excellent local climbing and hiking location in San Diego

   Another great local climbing location in San Diego

   Amazing world-class climbing east of the LA basin

   An up-and-coming desert climbing location with great routes, north east of the LA basin

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New Jack City


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Climbing Videos

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