Throughout my life, but particularly recently, I have had some what-can-only-be-called awesome experiences outdoors.  Whether backpacking, mountain biking, whitewater canoeing or sailing, I simply love this stuff.

Recently, I've begun training to be an outdoor guide for backpacking trips.  I'm currently certified to run day hikes with the Sierra Club in San Diego County.  But, by the end of the year, if everything goes as planned, I will ascend to the level of backpack guide.

And so, with all of this introduction, here it is: a list of my recent (and some not so recent) excursions with as much information as I could muster for each of them, sorted chronologically.


    July 27 to August 26:    National Outdoor Leadership School, Yukon Territory, Outdoor Educator Course
    July 8 to July 15:          High Sierra Trail to Mount Whitney Summit, Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains