Quartus is a small engineering firm based in San Diego, CA that works with many industry-leading companies, such as Boeing and Honeywell, specializing in the design, analysis, and testing of aerospace and mechanical systems.

Many of the projects that Quartus has worked on include:

    One of the largest ground-based telescopes ever conceived
    A rival to the now under-construction Giant Magellan Telescope

    The first private manned spacecraft to exceed an altitude of        328,000 feet twice within 2 weeks
    Winner of the ten million dollar Ansari X-Prize

    The replacement orbital space telescope for the aging Hubble

    The largest solid-propellant motors ever flown and the first designed
        for reuse
    Provide 71.4% of thrust at lift-off up to about 150,000 feet

Cobra UAS    A low-cost, highly reliable unmanned aerial vehicle platform
    Designed as a test bed for the development, test and
        demonstration of sensor systems; networked command control
        and communications systems; UAS architectural concepts; and
        small weapons

    An expendable orbital launch system in the Delta rocket family
    Configurable to suit specific payload sizes and weight ranges
    Primarily for U.S. military use

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
    A robotic mission to the Moon, launched June 18, 2009
    Designed to spend one year in a polar orbit collecting detailed
        information about the Moon’s environment