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Auto repair is one of those things that's a big pain in the ass and comes at both random and regular times.  So, to help out those in the San Diego area (and myself), I've made a point of writing down my experiences.  I've come up with a short list of good local auto repair shops that I've dealt with and have had good experiences with.  Luckily, I haven't had any bad experiences, which I attribute to a lot of research online beforehand of all the shops in the area.

Kwon's Auto Repair
    Miramar, smog check, quick, $50

Performance Tires
    Miramar, tire rotation and alignment on Benz

Motec Auto Care Clinic
    Miramar, not yet tried, have Groupon, very good reviews online

Hillcrest Smog and Repair
    Hillcrest, very good, cheap, kind people, personable

F&M Auto Repair and Diesel Specialist

    Good reviews online

Wolf's Foreign Car Service

    Great reviews online

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